High-speed balancing

Balancing shaft-elastic rotors is a specially demanding task. It involves high demands in terms of measurement- and system-technical requirements as the state of unbalance changes with these types of rotors with increasing speed. If you want reliable results, these rotors have to be balanced very close to their operative speed.

We can balance these special rotors with a weight of up to 20t and a length of up to eight metres with a rotational speed of more than 20,000 min-1. A strength test at overspeed can also be performed.

High-speed balancing of shaft-elastic rotors

(e.g. electro armatures, steam and gas turbine rotors, generators, multi-phase pumps)

Diameter: max. 2,500 mm
Length: max. 8,000 mm
Weight: max. 20,000 kg
Rotating speed: max. 20,000 min-1