Field balancing

Dirt deposits, minor damages and wear cause new imbalances during the ongoing operation of machines and systems. This also applies to the fan of a building ventilation system just as much as to a compressor in a chemical system or the spindle of a tooling machine. Sooner or later, these imbalances lead to damages to machines, foundations and buildings.

Smart action. In such cases, field balancing is a very efficient way to clearly reduce oscillations and vibrations. With our SmartBalancer, we can balance installed rotors of virtually any size and weight and without having to disassemble your machine, quickly, cost effectively and with greatest precision. With the portable balancing device, our employees can determine the unbalance directly on site and remedy it by adding weights or removing material at one or two levels.

When more complex vibration analysis, or data collection is required, our Smart VibroAnalyzers SVA 90 and SVA 95 are perfectly suited.

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