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Fully automatic inflation station for up to 6 filling rings Ventuo - Schenck v České republice

  • Highest flexibility with a working range from 14" to 24"
  • Individual filling ring configuration
  • Cycle time neutral ring exchange in automatic mix mode through patented filling ring magazine
  • Highest filling precision
  • Shortest cycle times
  • Installation without a designated foundation
  • Fast and simple machine commissioning


  • Fully automatic tire inflation station for passenger vehicle tires with operation panel
  • Automatic feed-in/out conveyors with a centering unit above the support table
  • Automatic inflation bell for filling the tires via the tire sidewall
  • 6-ring fast change magazine for the automatic provision of the required filling rings during the production process
  • Noise protection enclosure with automatic doors for the feed-in/-out conveyors
  • Provision of the workpiece data via an Ethernet protocol
Range of application

The SCHENCK Ventuo inflation station offers you the maximum flexibility for your tire and wheel production.
With its extensive working range, the machine is capable of handling the working range from 14" - 24", covering the entire scope of your portfolio.

The filling ring magazine can be equipped with up to 6 individual filling rings, which enable the user to produce consecutive or non-consecutive product portfolios. Exchanging the filling ring occurs without affecting the cycle time of the inflation station and allows a seamless operation in an automatic mix mode.

The Ventuo is enclosed within a noise protection cabin to reduce the production noise for an ergonomic operation.

Special features
  • Flexible production procedure in automatic mix mode for the working range from 14" - 24"
  • Cycle time neutral exchange of filling rings
  • Optimized tire seat and filling behaviour through our patented support table
  • Reduced compressed air consumption in the filling process through an optimized design for the inflation bell
  • Monitoring system for the inflation pressure to minimize tire stress during the inflation procedure
  • The Ventuo is designed to be installed on a standard industrial floor and does not require a designated foundation
Technical data
Data at a glance               
Wheel weight max.  [kg]  50           
Wheel outer diamater  [mm]  550 - 850 (500 - 800)           
Wheel height  [mm]  100 - 350           
Rim diameter  [Zoll]  5 - 22           
Rim height  [Zoll]  21 - 40           
Rim offset  [mm]  0 - 120           
Rim flange types    J, B           
Hump shapes    H2, EH2, EH2+, AH2           
Rim material    steel, alloy           
Number of storable wheel types    9999           
Width  [mm]  3900           
Depth  [mm]  3550           
Height  [mm]  3700           
Total weight  [kg]  7500           
Power supply    400 V AC, 50 Hz           
Total connected load  [kVA]  23           
PLC type    project specific           
Compressed air consumption  [m³ i.N. pro h]  100 - 450           
Compressed air supply pressure  [bar]  ≥8bar           
Noise level  [dB(A)]  ≤75           
Machine color    project specific           
Control cabinet               
Width  [mm]  1600           
Depth  [mm]  600           
Height  [mm]  2000           
Cycle time  [s]